Medical casework requires greater expertise to build than standard casework. There are several areas to consider when selecting a medical casework manufacturer, they must:

  • Understand how to conceal yet provide proper access to medical gases and electrical as well as be able to advise on various gas plumbing options.
  • Know how to engineer cabinetry to support an infant warmer at the optimal distance over the bassinet, while also allowing adequate ventilation.
  • Use an extremely durable finish that will stand up to harsh hospital cleaning agents and not cause infection control issues.
  • Experienced in building a pullout, clinical drop-side bassinets.
  • Provide and modify detailed shop drawings of the headwall and furnishing configurations for staff to review to ensure it will function well for their unit.

 It is the attention to each of these details that has established Homewood Health Care as the premiere medical headwall and casework manufacturer.

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